Why you should visit Douai city?

Why you should visit Douai city?

Douai is a well-known French city situated in the Douai district of the department of Nord which is located in the Northern region of France. It happens to be on the river Scarpe which is some 40 kilometers away from Lille. The city is particularly famous for its Belfries.

The city also has an emerging industry of chemicals and metal engineering. These industries range from small-scale homemade industries to big establishments like that of Renault which has a vehicle assembly plant neighboring the city and fashioned many recognized vehicles to this day.

Douai used to be a commercial center for the textile market until it was continuously sieged for two years by the British Army in 1710. Both the world wars partially destroyed the city. Despite its horrific past, the city is still a center of transportation and commercial market and is ranked among the richest coalfields since the Sixties in the whole Northern France.

The city houses a population of 552,682 including the population of Lens according to the census in 1999. The population has grown since then because of migration of people from within France as well as other countries to avail of the job opportunities in its saturated market.

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