Events and Festivals

Events and Festivals

Many historic and traditional events are held in and around Douai, with their time and nature depending upon the tradition. A few of them are as follows:

The Holiday Gayant

This is considered the most famous event in the city of Douai held in early July, with its traditions and preparations following every Sunday after July 5. Live in the moment with Mr. and Mrs. Gayant and their children portrayed by 6 men wearing massive 370kg. giant costumes with heights ranging from 2.5 to 8.5 meters.

The Feast of Boats

The people of Douai honor their ports, which is why on every 1st of May, the port of Douai Petty is honored by the whole city in remembrance of its significance of holding down forgiveness to their boats.

Main Square Festival

This festival is held near the city if Douai and is primarily 3 days of pure music in a citadel under the design of Vauban.

There are a lot more festivals in the city like the Dunkirk Carnival (2020). Douai is as pretty much a city of festivals as it is a city in the north of France.

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