Things to Consider When Travelling to France

Travelling to France

Things to Consider When Travelling to France

France is one of the top destinations in the world today. The architecture of the buildings and the ambience are some of the reasons that make it unique. Also, you are probably reading this because you want to see the famous Eiffel tower or, if you are into art, The Louvre is a good place to start.

But before you plan an itinerary and pack your bags, here are the things that you should assess before you embark a new journey alone or with your loved ones to France.

Choose to Travel Off-Season

Yes, there could be important events happening during peak seasons that’s why there seems to be a lot of people, but imagine taking good pictures and having a peaceful stroll because there aren’t much people within the vicinity you are in. Isn’t it more convenient?

Beware of Thieves

France is, in general, a peaceful country, but every country has its bad apples. So, it is better to wear a fanny pack or other bags that you can put in front of you to avoid losing your belongings. In addition to that, there are a lot of scammers going around famous landmarks that will offer you help. Not knowing that they would make you pay a hefty fee after helping you.

Consider Hiring a Tour Guide

Because you will be having a hard time understanding French (that is if you don’t know how to speak the language), it is best to hire a tour guide from a reputable company. Before hiring one, check the web hosting site they are using or find reviews online to see if they are legitimate. Tour guides will keep you away from dangerous places, and they are knowledgeable enough when it comes to dealing with tourist scammers.

Always Bring Cash

Most shops are not accepting cards as a means to pay your bill. So, always remember to bring enough cash with you to avoid further inconvenience.

Learn Basic Greetings or Phrases Before you Go

As a common courtesy, you should always greet them with Hello (Bonjour) before starting to talk or ask something to people. If you are not with a tour guide, learning a few basic greetings to buy food and say thank you will be beneficial to avoid misunderstandings as French people are not really good at speaking in English.

Make Reservations if you Plan to Go to a Restaurant

So, you have seen this pretty cafe in a magazine, and now that you are heading to France, it is going to finally be a reality. Before you try their amazing coffee and pastries, always remember to make reservations first. Not every restaurant and cafe accept walk-in customers, and since almost everything is accessible online nowadays, you can search for contact details online so that you can reserve a table ahead of time.

Planning a trip to France is not going to be easy if you are not keen on researching about their rules. Most tourists that went there before have regarded some French people as rude.

However, actually, it is more of a misunderstanding because of the language barrier. Hopefully, the things listed above will help you have an amazing and unforgettable trip, so take note of them.


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