Best Portable Fans to Bring When Traveling to France

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Best Portable Fans to Bring When Traveling to France

If your ideal vacation in France involves exploring the beautiful countryside, one of the best and affordable ways to do so is to rent a car and go camping all over the country. At night, however, you try to squeeze your eyes shut, but everything just seems too quiet. You got used to sleeping around the bustling city with the sound of the Crestar Fan in Singapore or air conditioners putting you to sleep and not the peaceful French countryside.

The best remedy for this would be bringing portable fans that produce similar sounds. Without further ado, here’s a list of user-friendly and functional travel fans you can choose from.

Vornado FIT Circulator Fan

This fan is one of the best portable fans on the market – it produces white noise and can be folded up easily for storage. The Vornado FIT is compact and comes in two speed settings: low and high. It weighs only about two pounds and is easily adjustable so you won’t experience any trouble bringing it around. Its white noise feature is perfect for light sleepers since the sound it produces is on the quieter end.

AceSky Battery-Operated Personal Fan

The AceSky fan is a very convenient travel companion since you won’t have to worry about looking for an outlet to keep it operating. This is a battery-powered portable fan, making it most ideal for the outdoors. Its other features include a USB outlet and a light indicator that shows you when the battery is full.

The rechargeable batteries could last for approximately five to fifteen hours depending on the speed you set your fan to. It has three different speed settings: low, medium, and high. If you want the fan to produce a louder white noise, set it to the strongest wind setting.

​Woozoo Circulator Air Fan

The HD15NU Woozoo fan is a travel-friendly fan specially designed to produce a powerful airflow. It also has a built-in handle so that it is easy to carry around. It features a fan head that can be adjusted up to ninety degrees vertically so you won’t have trouble getting the airflow where you want it to.


The OPOLAR fan is a handy battery-operated USB fan that is about the same size as a regular smartphone. You can easily keep it in your tote, small bag, or even a purse. Despite its size, it is quite powerful. It can function for up to thirteen hours depending on what speed you set it to. It operates through a lithium battery and also comes with a USB cord. This portable fan also has a built-in internal light so it can also be used as a flashlight.

Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce

This travel fan is one of the best white noise producers with its 7-inch long blades which were made to produce high-speed air force. The blades are aerodynamic, making the fan energy-saving despite the strong airflow it releases. The fan is easily adjustable and can be kept into its stand so that you can conveniently carry it anywhere. You can also remove the stand to act as a hanger for the fan.

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