Which works better: People Search or White Pages?

People Search or White Pages

Which works better: People Search or White Pages?

With the advent of efficient search engines and social media websites, it would be assumed that looking for a specific person would be easy. In most cases, it is. According to this Italian link, in the rare cases that a certain person does not have social media accounts, does not have internet access, or has opted to go off the grid for some reason, it may be quite the challenge.

It’s not new that people come looking for search solutions when looking for specific people that they either want to reconnect with for personal or emergency purposes. It could be a person who has an inheritance. It could be a sibling that the rest of the family is looking for. It could be a friend that is sorely missed. There are a number of reasons as to why there is a need, and you know what they say in economics: if there is a need, there will always be a supply.

There are many ways to kill a cat, but there is always the more efficient way. In the case of looking for someone on the Internet, the choice is between people search and white pages. Let’s explore the two facets of these choices in order to guide your decision-making.

Money matters

Among these choices, you have to consider the expenses, and between the two, white pages are preferred. This is because it works like a phone book and it’s provided free of charge by phone companies and search engines. People searches, on the other hand, require payment. Private companies, and sometimes even government-connected companies provide services that will help you find a person at a fixed price, but you have to be able to give the necessary data needed to filter all the information of the system.

Wide range

It can be a great help in your search if you have access to public nationwide records of people, and so much better if it had already been categorized under specific criteria like their names, ages, schools, addresses, affiliations, email addresses, and the like. This is where people searches come in as a better option. It includes information on people who have recently or frequently transferred, moved out, or emigrated. It may even give you contact a close relative or friend who may help you in finding that person.

For the bottomline, you can always opt for the better and more precise option, which is the people search engine, if there is a great need to find this particular person. It may cost money but this can easily be considered an investment. Besides, not pushing through with it may lead to regret and disappointment.

However, if this search is just in passing and not all that serious, you may not need to spend money. You can go for the white pages and just do what you have to do. Besides, necessity is the mother of invention, and you might as well use what could aid you towards your goal.

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