France honors Akira Toriyama by offering a knighthood

France honors Akira Toriyama

France honors Akira Toriyama by offering a knighthood

Dragon balls happen to be the most famous franchises ever. Akira Toriyama created dragon ball through Shonen Jump in 1984 out of a Manga Series named Dr. Slump Which made the adventure of characters such as Goku and all his friends famous. Even in 2019, Dragon ball remained the most renowned Anime franchises globally with the mega business of cheap dragon ball merchandise. It has also led to many other movies, spinoffs, and video games. Akira Torimaya has received many recognitions and awards out of his artwork. Recently France thought of honoring Toriyama differently by offering him a knighthood.

The anime news network reported that Toriyama was to receive a knighthood through the French embassy, which is located in Japan on May 30th this year. However, Torimaya did not show up at the event as he is thought to be reserved and values his privacy. He sent Akio Iyoku, who is his publisher, to receive the honor on his behalf. Iyoku gave a speech stating that Torimaya was grateful because of his French fans who have supported him throughout his career. He added that Mr. Toriyama does not frequently attend events and ceremonies.

Toriyama is 64 years old and lives in Japan. Apart from his famous artwork, the Dragon ball Series, Akira is thought to play a significant role in other video game series such as Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger. Dragon Quest has been a substantial segment of Japan’s RPG legacy. Many creators are thought to have contributed to the success of this game. But the most important person was Akira Toriyama, who played a massive role in creating the visual style. Fans of Toriyama can easily recognize his artwork both in anime and manga.

Torimaya has once again hit the limelight with Dragon ball supper. In the latest Dragon ball super, Toriyama has been gleaming his audience with martial arts, an epic quest, and mystical artifacts. His artwork has dramatically inspired many creators and fans. The manga follows the exploits of Goku as they fight  Moro, the evil sorcerer in planet Namek. Dragon ball super aired its final episode in October 2019, which was its 131st episode.

Toriyama is one talented manga artist. He gained success because he was able to produce a manga series that hit across the globe. Although he is good at drawing, he put more effort into coming up with an exceptional Manga. At some point, his editor advised him to come up with a manga where a girl was the main character. Thus, he came up with a Tomato Girl detective in 1979.

The knighthood was one of the many awards and recognitions that Toriyama has ever received across his career. He has also been nominated for an Eisner, which is a popular award in the world of comic books. Toriyama has also be named as the influencer of the year for other artists such as Eiichiro Oda, who have created one piece and Masashi who have created Naruto.

In conclusion, these are just a few awards received by Akira, if you know of any other award received by Akira kindly let us know through the comment box.

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