Useful Guide to Going to the Movies in France

Movies in France

Useful Guide to Going to the Movies in France

If you are in France, you might prefer to go to their cinema instead of just watching movies/TV online. You might think that it is nearly impossible to find a movie to watch quickly, but this guide by altadefinizione will help you out. However, it might get tricky as you think. There are abbreviations that you could confuse you, but you do not have to worry anymore. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you when watching a film in France:

Select a reliable source to find out the movie listings.

Wherever you are in France, you may browse through the websites online or check a magazine and newspaper to know about the movies that are showing in the city that you are in.

Find out the location of the showing movie

Individual movie listings would say ‘films nouveau,’ which means ‘new films.’ If you want to watch the latest videos, you may go to that section. If you would like to find other films, look for a section called ‘Autres films.’ The classic and older films fall under the ‘reprises’ section. You would see a location list of every movie that is included in every section.

Identify the version and type of movie that you want to watch

The abbreviations might be perplexing to you, but this section will help you select if you want to watch the film dubbed in French language or decide to view it in its original version of the language. You may also choose to watch the movie in 3D or not.

Abbreviations and meaning:

・          En 3D – The film shows in 3D.

・          Lunettes 3D – Watching the movie comes with 3D glasses.

・          Projection numérique – The video is digitally projected, which means it is not shown in 3D.

・          Version restaurée – The movie is a restored version, which means that the film is old.

・          v.o. (version originale) or VOSTF (version originale sous-titrée en français) – This means that the movie is in its original version without having French dubs. However, it will show French subtitles below the film’s screen.
v.f. (version française) – The movie is French dubbed.

A movie that doesn’t have v.f. or v.o means that it is a French film, and it will not be shown with subtitles.

Choosing the cinema and showing time

After deciding which film and version to watch, you may now select the nearest cinema that explains it, and also the time that it will be shown. The theater’s address, schedule, and rate are easy to find out.

Abbreviations and meaning:

・          Sèances – Film’s time or dates

・          of/Sauf – It means ‘except.’ (sf Mer – except Wednesdays)

・          tlj/tous le jous – Every day or daily

・          fête – On holidays or festival

・          PL/Plein Tarif – Normal price of a ticket

・          TR/Tarif réduit – The discounted price of the ticket (children, students, and senior citizens)

You Can Now Watch!

Through this guide, you now have a reliable guide on how to find the showing movies, their location, the abbreviations and terms that you have to know, and lastly, the address and showing time. Well, if you are in France, you better enjoy your experience, and try to watch a movie or two in the cinema instead of just watching movies/TV online. After all, we do not always get to the same foreign country for more than twice in a lifetime.

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