Legality of CBD in France

CBD in France

Legality of CBD in France

CBD Oil is one of the most controversial therapeutic components in the world. It is found in the same plant where medical marijuana is being extracted. It is a component that has a bountiful amount of proactive CBD which gives it the ability to give calming effect and healing properties. Click here to read more about weed.

Unlike marijuana, using CBD doesn’t give people the feeling of being ‘high’ and instead makes them feel relaxed and relieved from pain. It has also been associated to give therapeutic effects to insomnia, cancer, depression, tumors, and even Alzheimer’s disease. Though CBD-infused products are helpful and proven to have health benefits to humans, these are still legally banned in some parts of the world most especially in some countries in Asia and Europe.


The French Government has long been banning the cultivation of cannabis and manufacturing products out of it. The cannabis law was approved in the year 1970 and hasn’t been unchanged since. Under the law, Cannabis use is prohibited for personal use. It also states that whoever gets arrested for the illegal possession of cannabis gets to pay a fine of no more than 4,000 euros and a year (in minimum) at the prison.

France has never been a fan of cannabis, but court readings regarding the matter are still ongoing most especially today that it has been proven and accepted by other countries as a part of their medical industry.

Medical Cannabis

As of 2013, the French government has opened its doors to the possibility of introducing medical cannabis to its people; it still cannot be deemed as fully legalized though. It is out for limited usage only, and a person who wants to consume it shall undergo a process. It can only be used for medical purposes and under the dosage consulted by medical experts.

The French government still didn’t allow the cultivation and manufacturing of these products. They allow imports from other countries under the inspection of their national customs department.


CBD Oil, apparently, is legal in France but only those with .2% THC. This is because a .1% higher than that may be risky, and it can already serve as addictive stimulants. Basically, the CBD-infused products that are allowed in the country need to undergo the inspection of their national customs department and the national health department.

In 2017, the French Minister of Health provided an order of .2% maximum dosage consumption of CBD oil. Today, there are businesses in France that serve as an outlet for low dosage CBD Oil. It is still being studied if they are going to be open on changing their cannabis laws most especially today that recent studies have proven it as a possible treatment to incurable diseases.

There are still no outlets for other CBD-infused products in France other than those that provide CBD Oil. There are only a few legal manufacturers and permitted CBD Oil outlets in the country, and those that are illegally trading such will be punished for up to 5 years of imprisonment.

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