Violin & Viola Masterclasses In France

Viola Masterclasses In France

Violin & Viola Masterclasses In France

Playing musical instruments can be a great way to nurture the creative side of the brain. Learning to play the violin or viola from beginner violin may be an unusual choice but the results can be satisfying. Violins and violas are viewed as sophisticated musical instruments that are often only common in orchestras and a few music genres.

If you are still interested in playing the said instruments, you can attend classes or private tutorials. There are masterclasses in France where you can hone your craft to reach a professional level.

What To Do When Learning To Play

One of the things you have to know first before learning to play is the familiarization of notes. It will be helpful if you have a background with a stringed musical instrument such as a guitar to enhance your affinity on playing chords and synchronizing with the beat or harmony.

The next thing you have to know is how to choose the right violin or viola. Since you will be planning o attend a music class, personal equipment may be highly required. It will be advantageous to purchase a good quality instrument that can last long.

What Is ‘Language And Music For Life’

Language And Music For Life, or LMFL, is the training ground for future musicians open to advanced levels of students. It is established in the spring of 1997 and now conducting summer workshops and masterclasses in the Cadeillan village, just a 40-kilometer distance from the Toulouse International Airport located in the southwestern region of France.

The classes from this internationally-acclaimed music school are short but intensive. Aside from that, they provide masterclass to saxophone players. Due to the great diversity of culture in France, language and individuality are treated with consideration during the conduction of classes.

LMFL Programs

10-Day Music Course (Summer)

This program caters to students, both French and non-French, who opted for advanced learning to play the viola or violin. Learning can be done either in private one-on-one sessions or in a masterclass. If there is a group of 6 students with ages 17 years old and above, they can avail the on-site accommodation.

For individual students, they can avail of the more affordable hotels within the area. For students under the age of 17, a guardian accompaniment is required but they have to finance their accommodation. Here are the two-course options a student may avail:

Course Option A:

Course Tutor                                          = Prof. David Russell

Duration & Learning Arrangement        = 8 hours (private / one-on-one tutoring)

= 1 and 1/2 hour (string ensemble)

Finale                                                   = Concert at the end of course

Course Option B:

Course Tutor                                        = Prof. David Russell

Duration & Learning Arrangement        = masterclasses (no private tutoring)

= 1 and 1/2 hour (string ensemble)

Saxophone Masterclass:

This is another class offered by LMFL. The saxophone masterclass happens in spring and stretches up to 1 week of intensive sessions suitable for advanced learners on classical and jazz genres.

Course Options:

Daily One-on-one tuition suited for 4 students only + Daily Masterclass

Daily Masterclass 4-hour Saxophone Ensemble

LMLF Highlight: Prof. David Russell

Professor David Russell is one of the most well-known violin instructors of his era. He had a great background, constituting of when he taught in some of the most renowned violin schools in the world.

They are as follows:

ARIA International Summer Music Academy

Ivan Galamian’s Meadowmount School of Music

School for Strings

Keshet Eilon International Violin Mastercourse in Israel

The Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival

For more than 20 years, he was part of the Violin Faculty at The Cleveland Institute of Music, and also the Visiting Violin Faculty at the Oberlin College’s Conservatory of Music.

Now, he directs the yearly Mountaintop Master Course for Violin in Elizabethtown, New York. Aside from being an LMFL instructor, he had also given plenty of masterclasses and recitals in four continents.


LMLF is a great avenue to gain advanced learning in playing the violin or viola. It will be quite an investment but surely you will get a high-quality education. Do not also neglect the part that practice constitutes the bulk of learning.

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