The Best Cameras For Travel Blogging

Cameras For Travel Blogging

The Best Cameras For Travel Blogging

With the developments of modern handheld gadgets and a fast internet connection, there are many jobs and business opportunities being created. One of which is travel blogging. If you are into this type of livelihood, must read the best guide for nikon d5100 lenses. You can also adopt this as full-time or just a side-line job, but it has the potential to be a global brand due to the influence you can project on a massive platform such as social media.

One of the necessities in travel blogging is capturing pictures or videos. Those can be the very essence of your blog content and aside from skills, the right tools are needed. Here are some of the best cameras you can use for travel blogging.

As A Beginner Blogger

You may be overwhelmed with the many cameras & camera lens to choose from but as a beginner, the Fujifilm X-T30 is the most preferable. It is a mirrorless camera, which has the quality on par to entry-level DSLR cameras and the ease of usage similar to point-and-shoot types. The settings are easily adjustable and most of all, it is lightweight for travel.

As An Aspiring Photographer

As you begin to enjoy travel blogging, you can take it a notch with the Fujifilm X-T3. It can record videos at 4k resolution and has an Auto Focus system for capturing still images. The construction is meant to be weather-resistant and has a Magnesium body.

It is also well-balanced when handled or gripped. This camera can be ideal if you are about to feature more adventures on your travel blog.

As An Advanced Photographer

If you are that passionate and want to take it at a professional level, then the Fujifilm X-H1 can be of great help. It has all the qualities of the two previously suggested Fujifilm cameras: lightweight, compact, durable, and powerful.

It can record videos up to 4k resolution with the convenience of built-in stabilization. The Magnesium-made, weather-resistant body can be ideal for more challenging travels. Additionally, the LCD touch screen feature proves to be a game-changer for this type of camera.

As A Travel Vlogger

Vlogging is short for ‘video blogging’ wherein your content is videos instead of articles. For that needed assistance, the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II seems to be a perfect choice.

The recorded videos have a resolution of 1080p and in stereo sound. The edge of this camera that makes it great for vlogging is its feature to be tilted 180 degrees upward and 45 degrees downward.

As An Adventure Traveler

If you like seeking the thrill always on your adventure, the best tool to capture it is the GoPro Hero 8 Black. Like all GoPro cameras, it is durable and waterproof. It is the newest model and has great improvements in the capabilities of its predecessors.

For Any Kind Of Traveler

For casual traveling, the smartphone nowadays has cameras that yield greatly satisfying results. If you are a fan of Apple products-, then check out their latest iPhone. If you are an Android user, have a look at Samsung’s latest phone.


Cameras & camera lenses are always going to be needed when traveling. While you’re at it, if you feel that you have the skills to be a travel blogger, you can try it while having fun on your journey. If you’re planning to make it a livelihood, then you have to invest in such capable cameras to get great results.

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