10 Famous Paintings in the World You Can Only See in Paris

Famous Paintings

10 Famous Paintings in the World You Can Only See in Paris

Paris is the home of great artwork deals that inspire artists and art lovers worldwide. From photo to custom paint by numbers kit to recognizable structures, there are hundreds of paintings you will find intriguing in this city. However, the ten world-famous paintings that you can only see in Paris include the following.

  • The Coronation of Napoleon

The Cathedral has acted as a host during many pivotal moments in the history of France. One widely recognized instance is hosting the crowning of Napoleon 1 in 1804 to serve as the emperor of French.

Painted by David, the painting depicts Napoleon’s picture covered in Robes (similar to those worn by Roman Emperors) holding a crown on his head.

  • Mona Lisa

Monalisa is among the most famous paintings in Paris done by Leonardo Da Vinci between 1503 and 1517. Funny history about the name “Mona Lisa” came to be due to a spelling error. The masterpiece has enticed millions because of the lack of eyebrows and mysterious smile of Lisa Gherardini, Francesco del Giocondo’s wife.

Hung in its room, the painting is always crowded with art lovers. The Mona Lisa is modest in size and character and is found in the Louvre, where it has remained as the most popular attraction since the year 1797,

  • Self-Portrait

Displayed in Musee D’Orsay, Self-Portrait by Van Gogh is an artwork that draws tourists to Paris. Van Gogh is renowned for painting self-portraits, and this piece of work resembles Starry Night, also done by him. Self-Portrait draws debates on the melancholic look he has and why he chooses to depict himself in that state.

  • Fontaine

Done by Marcel Duchamp and housed in The Centre Pompidou, the Fountaine is another famous work. Created in 1917, the piece work began as a joke, with a common rumor, the artist, Marcel, never took his art or even himself seriously. His Fontaine artwork, though, is an alternative and very ironic creation which ranked him high.

  • Impression, Sunrise

Painted by Claude Monet in 1872 in France, the Impression, Sunrise remains an artwork worth traveling to look at. The piece of art shows Monet’s hometown in La Havre, France. It clearly shows the sun rising over the sea as boats and ships float in. It is rumored that this piece paved the way and inspired the Impressionist movement.

  • Still Life

Eugene Delacroix is famous for his painting, “Liberty Leading the People.” However, this master artist is also the hands behind Still Life, which he did in 1827 and is hung in the Louvre.

  • The Church at Auvers

Van Gogh did more than just wow the world by painting self-portraits. He was a top-notch master of architectural representations. The art portrays a church found on the NorthWest side of Paris. Van is talented enough to make everything he draws appear alive.

  • Popply field

A painting renowned for warming people’s hearts, the Popply Field by Claude Monet is a stunning yet very fragile picture with its setting in Paris’s suburban area, where he lived. It was then unveiled in 1873. In the portrait, a woman and child can be seen in the fields, and they are believed to be Monet’s wife Camille and their son Jean.

  • Little Girl in a Blue Armchair

Mary Stevenson did this exemplary piece of art. She holds a record of being the only American member to participate in the Impression movement. Interested in female social lives, Stevenson painted the picture showing the strong bond between a mother and daughter.

  • The Luncheon on the Grass

This painting alone brings in millions of art lovers to Paris. You can get to see the gorgeous yet fragile picture at the Louvre, Paris. It holds an impressionist motion, which you can easily tell by the soft and gentle brush strokes.


These are some of the most famous and stunning paintings you can find in Paris. If you are an art lover, plan a trip to the art museums in Paris and see what this city of light offers.

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